Be a Part of the Solution

How You Can Help the Dogs in the Shelter


We are always in need of caring people to volunteer their time on a scheduled basis to feed, clean up after, and walk the dogs in the shelter. A commitment of about 3 hours a week in the mornings or late afternoons is a tremendous help.


Do you have the time, the home and love to give a dog living in our shelter? If you want to foster a dog while he or she waits to be adopted that allows the dog to not have to live in a caged environment, be socialized, live among people and perhaps other dogs and that gives the dog a much better chance of being adopted. Why? Because we can accurately place the dog into the right home because we know how the dog behaves and people like to adopt ‘predictable’ dogs and know what they are adopting. Plus it gives the dog a much better quality of life.


We do our best to relocate our dogs into rescue organizations and humane societies. When one or more of our dogs is accepted into such an organization we often have to transport them to a new location (such as Boise for the Idaho Humane Society) or meet someone at a meeting point to transfer the dog for the next leg of their trip (as in Labradors going into a rescue in California). If you have a flexible schedule and would be willing to drive our dogs to a new location we can put you on a call list. This is a voluntary activity as there are no funds to pay for gas.


If you see a dog in our shelter that you want to “sponsor” you can specifically donate funds towards that specific dogs spay/neuter and rabies vaccination. We will make all the arrangements through a local veterinarian and you would directly pay the veterinarian for the service. Dogs that are already spayed/neutered are easier to adopt.

In addition, population control is extremely important for our dog community and it helps to prevent dogs from ending up in the shelter in the first place; the vast majority of dogs in the shelter are not spayed/neutered and are running at large due to their desire to find a mate. The cost to sponsor a dog’s neuter or spay is $50. This cost includes the neuter/spary procedure, rabies vaccination, and City license.

Call the Shelter at 208-324-8436 for more information.

An Ad Online

Written by one of our shelter volunteers:

New collar, new bed and love every day
I was played with and adored in every way
They promised me things and held me tight
I had what every dog has when I went to bed at night

Quickly I grew, as all puppies do
Slowly the things I loved the most, I began to see very few
I didn’t understand what I had done
All the love that I had quickly became none

An accident here and an accident there
Sealed the deal that my family no longer cared
An ad online saying “puppy for free”
And that was the last my family ever saw of me

The same story goes on throughout the years
Different faces, different names and even more fears
The bigger I got the harder it became
To me humans were all the same

Eventually I ran and was out on my own
On the streets, dirty, cold and alone
I quickly became skinny, skittish and shy,

Fearful and hurt from so many goodbyes

Eventually I got caught and taken away
Brought to a shelter where I lay around every day
I had given up hope, I no longer cared
My love I still had but I no longer shared.

Too many times of being kicked
Has left me very sad, very sick
Sick with a heart no longer whole
Missing the life I had, that seemed so full

Now I realize that kind of life is something very few dogs see
As I look around the shelter at so many dogs like me
While people came to see us I was quickly passed by
I seemed invisible, told I was too shy

Wrong color, too big, and also too old

These were all things I was told

My days became numbered I was running out of time
The shelter was too full and I was out of my prime

On my last day the hours seemed to pass by fast
It seemed my future was going to look even worse than my past
But that was the day when the feet passing by stopped at my cage
That was the day I stopped being invisible because of my color, size and age

With a slip collar on I was brought out to play
I left the shelter that very day
A new collar, new bed and love every day
I was played with and adored in every way

They promised me things, and held me tight
I had what every dog should have when I went to bed that night