City Clerk

About the City Clerk

The office of the city clerk performs administrative and management work in service as Clerk to City Council. As such, the clerk sets and posts meeting notices, completes documentation for the council, and keeps complete records of all council meetings.

The clerk also:

  • Acts as the City ADA Coordinator
  • Administers the licensing of businesses, taxi cab operators, child care operators, animals, and alcohol and enforcement of the same
  • Directs the conduct of municipal elections for the City
  • Directs records management and City Code maintenance
  • Issues permits for various activities including alcohol catering, mobile food units, transient merchants and solicitors, and for individual and commercial park use
  • Manages public records requests
  • Retains legal documents including ordinances and resolutions, land deeds, vehicle titles, and contracts

The clerk works with the public to answer questions regarding the Jerome Municipal Code and all city records, and strives to make all required records available and transparent.

Voter Information

  • You must live within the city limits for at least 30 days prior to election day and be at least 18 years of age to vote in a city election.
  • If a qualified elector moves outside city limits with the intention of making the new residence their permanent home, they are no longer a city resident and cannot vote in city elections. Having rental property or owning a business in the city does not qualify you to vote in city elections.
  • If you change your name (marriage is the most common reason) or your address you must re-register to vote.
  • Every elector who registers to vote is required to swear under oath or affirmation that he/she is a citizen of the United States.

2017 General Election Information - Election Day November 7, 2017

Congratulations to Mayor David M. Davis, Councilman Bob Culver and Councilman Jason Peterson, all of whom were re-elected to office for a term of four years!

Be sure to register to vote with the Jerome County Clerk by October 13th. After that date you must register at your polling place. Call 208-644-2715 to make sure you are registered and identify your polling place or visit the Jerome County website for more information.