Police Department Statistical Information

Activity for February 2018

Activity Number of Instances
Crimes Against Persons 13
Crimes Against Property 21
Crimes Against Society 12
All Other Crimes 18
Total Incident Reports Filed 134
Arrests 63
New Cases Assigned to Investigations 7
Active Cases Under Investigation 24
Cases Cleared 76
Vehicle Crashes 17
Traffic Citations Issued 92
Total Calls for Service 914
Animal Control Calls 106
Animal Control Citations 28
Dogs Picked Up in City 35
Dogs Received from County 4
Dogs Returned to Owner 26
Dogs Adopted from Shelter 7
Dogs Euthanized 0
Current Animal Shelter Population 10


The following definitions are provided to help understand the data provided:

  • Crimes Against Persons - Those crimes in which an individual is the victim. This category of crime includes offenses such as murder, rape, battery, and assault.
  • Crimes Against Property - Crimes in which the objective is to obtain money, property, or some other benefit. This category of crime included offenses such as robbery, bribery, burglary, and theft. Vandalism type crimes also fall into this category.
  • Crimes Against Society - Crimes involving prohibited acts and include such offenses as gambling, prostitution, disturbing the peace, and alcohol and drugs violations.
  • Cleared Case - Refers to any reported crime in which an arrest was made, charges were filed, or the case was determined to be unfounded.
  • Active Case Investigation - Refers to any case that is under current investigation by the detective section.
  • Call for Service - Refers to any event in which a law enforcement officer responds and performs any service or takes any enforcement action. A call-for-service may be as a result of a report or request for assistance or may be initiated by an officer.