About Jerome

Jerome, Idaho is a community as rich in diversity as the landscapes that surround it. With more than 23,000 people in the greater Jerome area (includes Jerome County), the City continues to grow and expand in terms of both its size and economy. Jerome has seen consistent, increased growth over the last ten years with a growth rate of 34%. The building department has seen more requests for residential and commercial buildings for both professional and retail development. Even with relatively low unemployment, Jerome is seeing continued business growth.

Jerome is Attractive

As of the 2010 Census, Jerome's population was 10,890. With many businesses considering Jerome for future location and the wide variety of new housing opportunities, it is projected that the City’s population will reach 17,500 by the year 2020. Jerome is an attractive location for prospective businesses and families. Businesses are attracted to Jerome because of the stability of existing, well-established businesses, convenient transportation systems, the quality of prospective employees and the cooperation they receive from local organizations, and government.

Families are attracted to Jerome because of its way-of-life, friendly residents, services, education systems, lower than average crime rates, and our small town way of life. Jerome’s economic base remains dependent on agriculture and value-added agriculture products and commodities. The City of Jerome has been working diligently with different groups in the region to expand economic base and become less dependent on a single sector.

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Focusing on the Future

As our community continues to grow, Jerome must have a vision for the future that adequately anticipates the needs of our community’s future citizens, well in advance of their arrivals. In an effort to promote and improve the public’s health and safety, Jerome needs to focus on the future. Our City Council has made steps in this direction they believe to be the appropriate path.

Those working, living and playing in the community today will determine the future success of Jerome. By working together, Jerome will become the Gem of the Gem State and the Magic of Magic Valley.

Welcome home to Jerome.